Cedric Robert Müntener

Cedric Robert Müntener, Dr. med. vet.

VetVigilance Project Manager

Phone: +41 (0) 44 635 87 72

Telfax: +41 (0) 44 635 89 10


Curriculum Vitae

Born May 30, 1970 - Geneva, Switzerland
Nationality Swiss
Address Institute of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology
Office TFA 00.51
Winterthurerstrasse 260
CH-8057 Zürich
Current position Oberassistent, project supervisor veterinary vigilance, Inst. of veterinary pharmacology, University of Zürich, Switzerland
Others Student lectures: adverse reactions in veterinary medicine, legal aspects of drug prescription in veterinary medicine
Antibiotic sales statistics for Switzerland (Project supervision: Swissmedic) and in Europe (Technical Consultative Group, ESVAC project, EMA)
FTVP course: pharmacology of veterinary premixes, resistances against veterinary antibiotics, juridical aspects
1989 Matura, Type B (latin) & C (scientific)
1995 Graduation, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Zürich, Switzerland
February 96 – April 02 Postgraduate Student, Institut für Veterinärpharmakologie und -toxikologie, University of Zürich, Switzerland
April 1996- March 1997 Postgraduate Course in Experimental Medicine, University of Zürich, Switzerland
Mai 2002 Doctoral degree, University of Zürich, Switzerland: „Phenotypic characterization of 3T3-like embryonic fibroblasts derived from PARP-1 knockout mice”
Since 1.6.2002 Vigilance of veterinary medicinal products Joint Project Swissmedic (Supervision) – University of Zurich