About the Institute

The mission of our Institute is to provide excellent basic research in molecular pharmacology/toxicology and offer a high-quality consulting service in animal pharmacotherapy/poisoning. We always adopt an interdisciplinary strategy, where pharmacology and toxicology are integrative perspectives in both drug development and the benefit-risk assessment of bioactive compounds.


We carry out basic research in molecular pharmacology/toxicology and behavioral neuroscience to identify and characterize new potential drug targets with respective signaling pathways. Promising new targets are analyzed and evaluated at different levels of biological complexity (from cells to animals) to launch early stages of drug development in the areas of neuropharmacology and cancer biology. Food toxicology is focused on the risk assessment of new emerging technologies applied to nutrition.


We provide research-based and problem-oriented teaching in multiple areas of pharmacology and toxicology. Lectures, interactive seminars and courses are offered at the bachelor, master, graduate and postgraduate level. Major topics are the pharmacological basis of therapeutics, general toxicology, clinical veterinary pharmacology and toxicology, neurobiology, genome dynamics, carcinogenesis and food toxicology. 


The centerpiece of our consulting service is an internet-based decision support system for pharmacotherapy and clinical toxicology (CliniPharm/CliniTox). The goal of CliniPharm is to predict possible outcomes of pharmacotherapy using the most up-to-date scientific knowledge. This decision support system also helps practitioners to minimize antimicrobial resistance or design custom-tailored therapies for problem patients. CliniTox provides a computerized consulting service for the management of poisonings in animals.