Group IVPT


Amini Parisa, Dr. med. vet. Toxicology MD-Ph.D. Student

Beebe Erin Toxicology Ph.D. Student

Bönhof Berenice, Toxicology DVM Student

Clementi Elena Toxicology Ph.D. Student

Demuth Daniel, Dr. med. vet. CliniPharm/CliniTox Project Manager

Garajova Zuzana  Toxicology Senior Research Technician

Gsell Corina, Toxicology Ph.D. Student

Herzog Doris Institute Secretary

Hubbuch Alina Mirijam, Pharmacology Ph.D. Student

Kupper Jacqueline, Dr. med. vet. CliniTox Scientific Assistant

Lehner Claudia, Toxicology DVM Student

Lobregat Inigo, Toxicology Ph.D. Student

Markkanen Enni, Dr. med. vet., Dr. sc. nat. Toxicology Junior Group Leader

Mattei Daniele, PhD, Pharmacology Postdoctoral Researcher

Meyer Urs, Ph.D. Professor of Pharmacology

Müller Flavia, Pharmacology Ph.D. Student

Müntener Cedric, Dr. med. vet. CliniPharm VetVigilance Deputy Project Manager

Nägeli Hanspeter, Dr. med. vet. Director, Professor of Toxicology

Peter Ruth, Dr. med. vet. CliniTox Scientific Assistant

Richetto Juliet, Ph.D. Pharmacology Postdoctoral Researcher

Santos Ferreira Natalia, Ph.D. Toxicology Postdoctoral Researcher

Scarborough Joseph Pharmacology Ph.D. Student

Schalbetter Sina, Pharmacology Ph.D. Student

Schnetzer Patrizia. CliniPharm/CliniTox Scientific Assistant

Weber-Stadlbauer Ulrike, Ph.D.  Pharmacology Junior Group Leader

Weinmann Oliver Pharmacology Senior Research Technician

Vescio-Mazza Rachele Toxicology Laboratory Assistant