Group Demuth

Group Demuth

CliniPharm/CliniTox: a Drug and Poison Information System for Veterinarians

A rational drug therapy requires detailed attention to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics as well as their interactions with the pathophysiological peculiarities of particular disease states. At the practice front this is only achievable with suitable information tools. The project CliniPharm/CliniTox is a web-based decision support system for veterinary pharmacotherapy and clinical toxicology. Every part (veterinary drugs, therapeutic substances, chemical poisons and poisonous plants) of the system is freely accessible on the internet (target audience: veterinary practitioners):

The Veterinary Drug Compendium for Switzerland ( provides a complete overview of the Swiss Veterinary Drug Market. Frequently updated and equipped with full browsing plus versatile search features, the compendium is an essential and common tool for practitioners. Each product entry includes the entire data sheet (text and pictures). A second compendium includes informations about veterinary products, feeds and additives (e.g. whole and supplement feeds, feed additives, care products, desinfectants, insecticides, aids, diagnostics etc.), which are of interest.

CliniPharm (, a synopsis of the clinical pharmacology literature on all therapeutic substances used in veterinary medicine, with appropriate cross-references to literature sources, is continuously enhanced. It provides in-depth drug information and is meant to help solve more intricate or less common therapeutic problems. Information is provided on drug chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, indications, dosages, contraindications, interactions, side effects and toxicology. Certainly, the therapeutic substances are linked to the respective products located in the Veterinary Drug Compendium - and vice versa.

CliniTox ( is the computer-based decision support system for the management of poisonings in animals. The system provides detailed guidelines for the diagnostic and therapeutic management of a large number of chemical poisons. A separate database offers an overview of relevant poisonous plants with detailed botanical information (inclusive pictures) and advice for patient management. Since Switzerland is multilingual, plants cannot only be searched by various botanical attributes and their scientific names, but also by common lay terms in English, German, French and Italian. CliniPharm/CliniTox has also been introduced in the regular teaching to veterinary students. We consider it an invaluable tool for problem-based learning of pharmacology and toxicology.

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