Group Müntener

Pharmacovigilance Research for Veterinary Medicinal Products

Vigilance is a system for collecting and evaluating adverse reactions following the use of veterinary medicinal products established under the supervision of Swissmedic, Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products. The institute of veterinary pharmacology plays the role of a regional center. The Swiss law makes it mandatory for veterinarians and pharmacists to declare suspected adverse reactions previously unknown as well as suspected quality defects. After collection, the declarations are processed according to international evaluation criteria (ABON system) and screened for signal detection. Following signal identification measures can be taken and can range from modification of the package leaflet (e.g. under the points “adverse reactions”, “contraindication”, “interactions”…) to suspension or withdrawal of the marketing authorization.

Sales of Veterinary Antibiotics in Switzerland and Evaluation of Usage

Participation in the elaboration of the yearly report on sales of veterinary antimicrobials in Switzerland and trend analysis. The legal basis to collect and process data was first established in Switzerland in 2004 and since then a yearly report is published by Swissmedic (ARCH-Vet). The corresponding methodology to extrapolate sales data to usage per animal species and for allowing comparison between different countries is being developed in collaboration with ESVAC Project of EMA (EU).